Air Conditioner vs Heat Pump.  Which is Right for Murfreesboro?

In recent times, clients researching their options for air conditioning in Murfreesboro have increasingly been asking questions regarding the heat pump as an alternative to conventional furnace/air conditioning systems. In this article, we will discuss the differences, pro’s and con’s, and give you a basic primer on how a heat pump works.

Heat pumps do just what their name infers…..they pump “heat” from one space to another. What really makes a heat pump different from an air conditioner is that it can be reversed to move heat from the outside into the home in the winter, thereby eliminating the need for a furnace. This is accomplished by the introduction of a reversing valve in the heat pump that allows the unit to extract the warmth of the outside air and send it into the house for the purpose of heating your home.

Pro’s and Con’s:

  • When operating in the Murfreesboro air conditioning season, a heat pump and a similarly sized air conditioning unit will operate identically. They are both moving heat out of the home and expelling it into the outdoors. The costs will be similar and the performance of both systems will be similar if they have both been installed correctly.
  • In the winter heating season a heat pump will offer some advantages such as slightly lower annual cost, it doesn’t take up as much space as a conventional gas burning furnace and it isn’t burning fossil fuels that are often harmful to our environment.
  • Con’s to consider when looking at a heat pump is that they are generally more expensive, are not as capable of heating a home in more extreme cold and may require more maintenance than a high quality conventional furnace/air conditioning system.

Consensus in the heat pump vs. conventional cooling & heating debate really revolves around two key considerations…..

1 – Are you replacing a worn out furnace or air conditioner in your home or are you building a new home and are searching for the best “system” or value?

2- The climate – Air conditioning in Murfreesboro is a challenge, due to the higher temperatures and humidity. While heating your home in the winter needs to be considered, heating efficiencies are not the over-riding concern that a homeowner in Minnesota would have.

In the final consideration, most people who are looking for air conditioning in Murfreesboro and its surrounding environs will be well advised to consult with a professional air conditioning service provider who can offer a fair and informed comparison between these two options. At Gifford’s HVAC Solutions we offer a free consultation to discuss your specific needs. You can contact us by phone or through our website at to set up an appointment. We will review your budget, the physical structure you are planning to heat and cool, as well as the systems that are currently in place. After a thorough analysis, we will offer you a set of options and explain the associated costs, benefits and technologies that are involved.

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