American Standard Murfreesboro Air Conditioners

  Raise your standard of comfort with a high efficiency American Standard unit.

Believe it or not, over half of the energy usage in your home goes towards heating and air conditioning.

An efficient American Standard heating and air conditioning unit can have an appreciable impact on your energy consumption. You deserve the best in the business! We are a Certified American Standard dealer.

We also have products that will work with your HVAC equipment so it will run less and last longer. Take a moment to view some of the products available to you.

American StandardAmerican Standard

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Practical Pleat Benefits

  • The “Practical Pleat” Merv 11 media is up to 30 times more effective at capturing particles than standard fiberglass filters.

  • Practical Pleat filters last up to 4 times longer than comparable one-inch pleated filters, this means changing your filter only 2 TIMES per year.

  • Practical pleat filters fit into one-inch return air grilles so no retrofitting is required. Also the unique patented gasket conforms to imperfection in the filter track, eliminating filter bypass, and preserving the integrity of the Merv 11 rating.

Practical Pleat

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