Murfreesboro Heating contractorFall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Its that time of year again and it looks like it is going to be a really cold winter this year in the south. So if you are like many other homeowners in the south you are busily winterizing your home. From raking the leaves to sealing the vents under the house, to sealing cracks and applying weather stripping to keep the cold out, we all have many tasks that keep us busy on our to do list. Well get ready to add just one more. HVAC Maintenance. By taking time to take care of your system it will not only keep running well but save you money in the long run.

DIY Outdoor HVAC Care

  • Rake those leaves and other debris from around you exterior heat pump. Make sure to clear bushes and other objects away to keep good ventilation around the unit.
  • Place a cover around your air conditioning unit. This will keep foreign material out of the unit and keep it safe till next year.
  • Caulk all windows. Experts estimate that tiny leaks around doors and windows let as much heat escape from the house as an open window does, so seal up those leaks and reap the rewards of keeping your home warm.
  • Put film on the windows. A film that blocks the sun’s heat from entering or leaving the house will make a big difference in utility bills. It’s easy to install and a lot less expensive than replacing the windows.
  • Add weather stripping to all exterior doors. Weather stripping is available at any hardware store or home center, and its a quick way to make sure that air isn’t leaking past doors.

DIY Indoor Care

  • Inspect your air filter and replace if necessary. Gifford’s HVAC Solutions carries a great line of Practical Pleat Air filters that will extend the life of you unit and help the indoor quality of you air. They also last up to 6 months.
  • Make sure that you keep your registers free from obstructions. Make sure to leave at least 8 inches of room above and around your registers to keep air moving freely around your home and relieving strain from your heat-pump.
  • Remember to change the batteries in your homes carbon monoxide filter and smoke alarm. You should be replacing these batteries twice a year.
  • Make sure that any combustible products are stored away from your heating system. Clear out the area around your fireplace as well.

What You Should Leave To The Professionals

There are some things that you should just leave up to the pro’s. Heating systems are composed of sensitive equipment that requires maintenance to improve performance and efficiently. This fall make it a priority to schedule your fall tune up with Gifford’s’ HVAC Solutions. We will provide the cleaning that your system needs after a hot summer and make sure to inspect all the most crucial elements in your furnace so that it can keep you warm and comfortable this winter. If you find that your furnace needs repair just call us.

If you have any questions about what would be best for your Murfreesboro heating system just call us today at 615-809-6568 or visit Giffords HVAC Solutions