murfreesboro-furnace-repairAvoid repairing your furnace in Murfreesboro this Winter

Gifford’s HVAC Solutions is Murfreesboro’s local heating and air conditioning premier repair service. We opened our doors 20 years ago, with a goal of providing quality, reliable, and skilled, heating and air services to our neighbors. We know that when the weather is hot, you need your air conditioning to work, keeping your home and your family cool. Of course, when the weather is cold, you’d like your home warm and comfortable. That’s why we only hire technicians that are skilled, and who know how to handle a wide range of heating and cooling issues. Cold weather can result in added weather-related issues in your home if your heating system doesn’t work. That’s why we recommended maintenance service calls twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall, to ensure your heating and air is available when you need it.

Furnace Repair Service and Regular Tune Ups

At Gifford’s, we recommend that you let one of our professional technicians come to your home and perform any furnace repair service and regular maintenance for you. The best reason to let us handle your heating repair is that we perform a detailed inspection of your system, using our extensive checklist, with some items for the cooling side of your HVAC, others for the heating. The review will enable our experienced technician to catch any current issues, such as clogged filters, worn fan belts, or holes in your hoses. Our detailed inspections will also help to find and to prevent any near-term HVAC issues. Maintaining your system via regular tune-ups improves the performance of your HVAC system and extends its useful life.

Here are our tips, or tune-up items to consider, when preparing for winter.

  1. Clean leaves, sticks, and other debris off your system. Consider an HVAC cover to protect it from wind, rain, and snow.
  2. Replace the filters in your vents to enable easier air flow throughout the system. Clean filters support the efficiency of your air conditioner, which will also help you save money on energy bills. Clean filters mean less dust in your home, which should help improve your overall air quality. Ideally, you want to replace your filters at least four times a year, and monthly during peak use—say June, July, and August for the Summer months, and December, January, and February for the Winter months. There are many types of filters available to you. Which one you choose depends on your sensitivity to dust and other allergens: Fiberglass filters, HEPA (high efficiency particulate arresting) filters, pleated filters, electronic filters, and washable filters.
  3. Reverse the flow of air in your fan. Running the heat in reverse may save you somewhat in your energy costs, by as much as 10%.
  4. Check the fan belt and inspect your hoses for any leaks and cracking.

The cooling portion of your system requires a different checklist than your heating system. Here is a checklist of items to review when doing your own cooling system tune-up:

  • Check the coolant and pressure levels of your unit
  • Calibrate your thermostat and inspect your wiring; tighten any wires as needed—check contacts too.
    Consider installing a programmable thermostat, as it is proven to reduce heating bills.
  • Clean the evaporator coil
  • Clear the condensate drain
  • Clean the condenser and check the fan motor
  • Check the fan motor blades—lubricate fans as needed for smooth operation
  • Inspect your condenser

HVAC systems have a lifespan of 10-20 years, with 15 years being the average length of time before you need to replace a system. With good maintenance and care, some systems do last 20 years and maybe even beyond. Or, perhaps it’s the cooling part of the HVAC that’s damaged, and it needs repair. Gifford’s HVAC Solutions is your hometown’s trained and skilled technicians, and we have the experience to assist you with all your HVAC needs, especially winterizing your HVAC system in Murfreesboro.

Murfreesboro Furnace Repair

Regular services lower heating costs, reduce damage and protect your HVAC. By keeping your HVAC efficient, you reduce damage to your home that may arise from a poorly maintained heating unit. Consider that the entire HVAC unit can break down, leaving your family uncomfortable on a freezing day, because there’s no heat. Many homeowners don’t know that gas fumes can enter their beautiful home via the HVAC system, causing potential health issues for everyone.

When Winter arrives, many homeowners dread high heating bills, so we teach our customers how to protect their Murfreesboro homes from the cold weather. Gifford’s HVAC Solutions hardworking technicians keep our customers’ heating costs to a minimum, by providing quality service in maintaining their system—on an ongoing basis.

Two very important things can be done to get a handle on both energy use and safety risks.

  • First, winterize your home. The benefits over the winter months and the dollars saved in the event of a major breakdown on a cold day, make it well worth the cost of regular upkeep.
  • Second, you save money when you have skilled, experienced technicians like Gifford’s HVAC Solutions tune-up your heating system and provide all furnace repairs in Murfreesboro before the arrival of winter.

Gifford’s technicians, during a Murfreesboro heating repair and winterization service call, ensure that we do the following, in addition to inspection and maintenance of your HVAC:

  • Test all your smoke and carbon monoxide units.
  • Change the batteries for all electronic, detection devices at the same time, to ensure they will continue working correctly. Batteries are relatively inexpensive, and this minor maintenance helps to keep our customers and neighbors safe at home.
  • Prevent water and debris buildup to minimize home damage.
  • Plug all air leaks, even the small ones. Air leaks are reportedly the number one source for increased energy bills.
  • Check your door seals and window seals. These are easily winterized by caulking, foam, or installing weatherstripping. Some folks consider covering windows completely with clear draft-proof plastic. Window and door winterization kits are available at our local hardware store here in Murfreesboro.

Heating System Type

The type of HVAC system that you have, whether it uses forced air or radiant water matters.

  • Forced air heat systems are serviced regularly to keep the heating air flowing optimally, and the thermostat is recommended set at 65 degrees.
  • Radiant water heat systems are drained of water and the system blown out with compressed air during a service call, to remove any remaining water. The water supply valve and fuel source supply valve are shut off at the HVAC unit during a service call.

Gifford’s technicians will clean all main HVAC components, and we pay extra attention to your air ducts and vents. We:

  • Ensure that heat circulates properly and verify that supply and return vents are unblocked with furniture or curtains.
  • Reduce the temperature. A 10-degree lower thermostat at night decreases your heating bill by up to 20%.
  • Seal ducts to save between 10-30% of heated air from escaping.


Our Team

Our Gifford’s HVAC Solutions team excels at providing our customers with quality, heating repair in and near Murfreesboro. We offer best-in-class HVAC replacement and heating repair parts in Murfreesboro. With 20 years’ experience, our knowledgeable staff can address all sorts of heating and cooling issues in your home. We install, service and maintain and HVAC systems with a focus on excellence in customer service. Gifford’s HVAC Solutions have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Give us a call or email us today for more information or an estimate.