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5 Great ways to reduce your heating costs

Keeping the house warm during winter means the beginning of paying higher heating bills. The good news is that it can be done. You can go through winter without paying exorbitantly high energy bills. In the US, the upcoming winter season will see the locals paying in excess of $992, which translates into an increase of around 10.5 percent. In the past, consumers would spend around $898 to keep their homes warm during winter.

In addition to limiting the use of your fireplace and installing a central humidifier, how can you lower your heating costs from the first to the last day of winter?

1. Winterizing your home

The secret to using your HVAC and ensuring that it works or serves you perfectly is to make the home as winterized as possible. Caulking is a highly recommended measure. Sealing the home so that cold air does not find its way in is highly recommended, especially with the installation of weather-stripping doors and windows. The house needs as much insulation as possible. The hot water heating and air system could benefit from a bit of wrapping with insulation.

2. Install a programmable thermostat

Temperature settings need to be as low as possible during winter if you do not want to struggle with the matter of higher energy bills. Keep the settings low, especially at night. According to the Department of Energy, temperature settings that are only 5 degrees lower on the thermostat can reduce energy costs by as much as 5%. What this means is that in a single year, you could save as much as $200 using this strategy.

3. Investing in high-efficiency heat pump, boiler, and furnace

High-efficiency heat pump, boiler or furnace costs more money upfront. Despite the higher initial costs of buying and installing such items in your house, the long-term benefits will make you happy with this decision. The increased efficiency translates to lower heating costs. In fact, with such installations, the days you would spend worrying about costly repair bills would be gone and never to return. Clean and service the existing system if a new one is not in the budget.

4. Getting a home energy audit

Talk to your utility company and ask for an audit of your home’s energy system. It’s easier to find a company that is willing to offer you such a service at no cost. Most utility companies have no problem offering this service free. Schedule the audit in the pre-winter period so that you can prepare accordingly for the coming season. Let the auditor or technician focus on the furnace as well as appliances to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

5. Creating an heating and air budget plan

Creating a budget plan is a great idea as it ensures that you don’t have to pay huge heating bills during winter. At the end of the year, you’ll have spent the same amount that you always do on heating and air systems. However, the saving grace here would be that you’ll not have spent more than you were willing to during winter. As an extra, don’t forget to close the damper on your fireplace, especially when not using it.

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